10 things to do for $10 this weekend, July 8-10, 2011

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Hot enough for you? This weekend the temperature is expected to get back into the nineties, meaning that not only are wallets tight but comfort is a high priority when deciding what to do. Luckily there are plenty of things to do this weekend for ten dollars or less -- and many of them come with the comfort of air-conditioning. So spend some time outside, work on your tan and then get out of the heat. This weekend's 10 for $10 offers options for both.

Colorado Irish Festival at Clement Park (Friday, free until 7pm, $5 after 7pm)
Saturday and Sunday, the Irish Festival costs $12-$15, so go tonight to get in for free or $5 (depending on what time you go). There will be drinking, dancing and music, plus a chance to peruse all the Celtic wares you ever wanted to peruse. Going on Friday means that you will miss most of the sporting events for the weekend, so after a few beers, start your own gaelic football match using clothing booths as nets and a funnel cake (there's funnel cake at every festival, amiright?) as a soccer ball. Read about Potcheen who's playing the festival.

Thor at Elvis Cinemas (Friday, $3.50)
There seems to be a lack of unique things to do under $10 this evening, so perhaps tonight do what all the poor people do -- go see a crappy movie for really cheap. Basically, you're paying a third of the price rich people paid to see it three months ago, and the great part is, it didn't get any worse. Thor seems like a good option because it looks decent, stars an Oscar winner and features a stunningly beautiful blonde man, yet no one in their right mind would ever spend $10.50 or whatever they're charging downtown to see it. For $10 at Elvis Cinemas, you can get a ticket, a soda and a candy bar and still have change. Booya!

Makeshift Shakespeare at the Bovine Metropolis Theater (Friday, $10)
The Bovine Metropolis hosts weekly improv events, including Makeshift Shakespeare, an "all-male, all-Shakespeare" impromptu Shakespeare play. The short plays are acted by members of the house troupe at the Bovine and feature hilarity and costumes -- the perfect combination for any Friday night.

Mile High Swappers Food Swap at West Washington Park Community Garden (Saturday, free)
There's no cash allowed at this bartering event -- simply bring at least five portions of a food you have made or farmed at home to exchange and some samples for other members of the group to try, and let the food swapping commence. Anyone is allowed to attend, although the bartering activity will be limited to thirty people, so make sure to get there on time, and also to paint adorable, irresistable, expressive faces on your backyard chicken eggs to make them better than anyone else's.

Don't worry about filling one of these out -- it's always free to watch!
Highland Running of the Bulls at Highlands Square (Saturday, free to watch)
Even though the event cost $20 to take part, the money goes to youth protection services at the Tennyson Center -- so if you have the ten extra dollars definitely think about taking part. Otherwise, pour a beer into a Starbuck's coffee cup (no one will know), find a nice grassy spot, sit your broke ass down and watch other people run down Tennyson being chased by the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, who will be pummeling the runners with Wiffle-ball bats. Free entertainment doesn't come more entertaining than that.

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