Mythica von Griffyn on the Colorado Bigfoot, Bat Boy and the tattooed, bearded lady

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Mythica von Griffyn has a long history in the haunted house business, where she first started working when she was only fourteen, and she's also known as a multi-talented poet, chalk artist and body painter. That considered, Mythica is a match made in heaven as the Freak Show manager for the Denver County Fair: She truly knows her way around a creepshow, and everyone knows that you go to a freak show to be creeped out. Fair promoter Dana Cain always knew from the very start that she wanted to host a freak show as an integral part of the whole event, and this will be a dandy, with its medicine show barkers, aliens in jars and Bat Boy in the flesh. We asked Mythica a few questions about what to expect.

Westword: So, how is the Freak Show coming along?

Mythica von Griffyn: It's shaping up great! The entire freak show will be like a tribute to P.T. Barnum.

What are some of the attractions people will see?

Well, we have the Colorado Bigfoot, and it's amazing: People will be able to go in there and stand right up there and take a picture with it. The story goes that some people hiking in a remote part of Colorado found it at the bottom of rock slide, and we're assuming that the creature was killed in an avalanche and then thawed out in the spring when the people found it. That's our story, and we're stickin' to it.

There's also a tribute to Fruita's Mike the Headless Wonder Chicken. The original Mike died, but a version of him will be there. And we have a tattooed, bearded lady, too (usually, you just have one or the other), and boy is she smokin'! She's like something right right out of a burlesque show. Normally the freaks are ugly, but this one is drop-dead gorgeous!

One thing about the freak shows in Victorian times is that they had lots of things in jars. One thing we have is a brain in a jar that's rumored to have somehow been taken from P.T. Barnum before he was buried. It's good to save such an amazing mind. Also, we have an alien baby fetus reported to have been smuggled out of the area in Colorado above the sand dunes. A lot of things in the show have to do with all the amazing ghost stories and rumors about places in Colorado. We have a lot of cool stuff in our state.

Such as?

We've lured the Colorado Lizard Man out for the show. The rumor and conjecture is that he lived downstream from Rocky Flats, and that he ate some of the local meat and fish. Usually, he stays cloistered away, but he did agree to come out for the freak show. He's also incredibly strong, and he has a split tongue. We're very proud of him.

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