The highest altitude ever planked? Maybe not, but Kristen Evans is a planking hero

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The man killed while planking a seventh-story balcony in Australia wasn't going to deter her. Nor was she to be outdone by Felony Misdemeanor, the drag queen who planked a Westword box earlier this week -- so in the spirit of one-upsmanship, reader Kristen Evans sent us this epic photo of her planking where probably no man has planked before: at the summit of Mount Evans (coincidence?), elevation 14,265 feet. More impressive still? It was Evans' first foray into the fad.

"I had no intention of planking Mount Evans," Evans recalls of her moment of glory. In fact, she says, "I had never planked before that day. But somebody just suggested, hey, why don't you plank that? So I climbed over and everyone was screaming, 'no, no don't do it!" But I just got down and planked for my life."

In spite of her own lack of planking experience, though, Evans issues some sage advice to prospective fans and competitors: "You might want to practice a little. Maybe on the ground then work your way up."

Then, she rhetorically asks, "Who knows where planking can take you?"

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Yawn. Bet she drove up.

tim davids
tim davids

I planked in my bed. It was internet epic.

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