Gratuitous randomness: Hipster mermaid

hipster mermaid 1.jpg
Besides a certain brand of exceptionally patriotic lager, hipsters mainly love two things: nostalgia for '80s childhoods and irony. So when the '80s nostalgia of The Little Mermaid gets appropriated to ironically make fun of hipsters and their love of irony and nostalgia, it's like the high tide of irony -- which hipsters, no doubt, would appreciate. That's why today, because shit just got hella meta (and because it's Wednesday, the day that we bring you the best of our weird internetz world in a compendium of images loosely related to whatever topic we happen to come up with), we're bringing you nine images of Ariel, with glasses.

hipster mermaid 2.jpg

hipster mermaid 3.jpg

hipster mermaid 5.jpg

hipster mermaid 6.jpg

hipster mermaid 7.jpg

hipster mermaid 4.jpg

hipster mermaid 9.jpg

hipster mermaid 8.PNG

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