Reader: "There isn't much REAL hate for Sarah Palin"

And there shall be hot dogs for all!
Normally, the Westword name would be enough to score press tickets to any movie screening you please -- not with the Sarah Palin camp, apparently. It was perhaps on account of our reputation that our requests for tickets to the premier of The Undefeated went ignored, but on the positive side, so began Jenn Wohletz's hilarious quest to get her money back after seeing the movie and being, uh, less than impressed. As does anything Palin-related, Wohletz's recap of the movie set off a flood of comments both defensive and offensive, but the most interesting was this one from reader Chris:

There isn't much REAL hate for Sarah... most people are simply bored and irritated with her as they'd be with an irrelevant gnat buzzing around their head. No one fears her - Rove's not even worried about her splitting off nomination votes if she runs - which she won't (and if she doesn't run, her pigeons will sit at home on election day .... banging their high chairs and throwing cookies at the TV).

O SNAP! Ball's in your court, Tea Party.

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That's funny what the clerk said that the movie was for adults is the reason Jenn Wohletz couldn't understand it. If a movie doesn't have sex or violence a documentary like this makes kids like Jenn Wohletz fidget wildly.

Jenn's immaturity showed through by criticizing someone's faith or the accomplishments Sarah Palin had while as mayor and governor. Its simply a matter of being jealous of another woman who is accomplished and not liberal. Jenn lied when she stated that Palin blamed all of Alaska's problems on the last governor. It was not the previous governor but oil company corruption and ethics within the state. The documentary was an introduction to the workings of the state of Alaska back then and how Sarah Palin improved the life's of all Alaskans while in office.           

You come to expect a negative review from a liberal if it has to do with a woman who's conservative. Most young people like Jenn Wohletz, especially ones with a chip on their shoulder don't understand documentaries unless accompanied by their parents.


The only surprise on the 2012 election night will be how loud Tea Baggers will sob when they realize they've split the conservative vote and helped re-elect President Obama.


Not a chance. Owebama's been so abysmal that not even Che commies would vote for Hussein again.


Chris is in for a surprise in the 2012 elections, as the tea Party has grown evey month since the 2010 elections, with a single focus of replacing the current occupant in the White House and eliminating Harry Reid as Senate Leader.  Count on it!


True, I'll be surprised if Sarah runs, but she won't win a general election.  And I doubt she'd get nominated - there are a lot of "mainstream, establishment, elite, blue-blood, RINO, and knuckle-dragging" Republicans who will vote in the primaries - an O'Donnell won't happen again.

As we get closer to the 2012 election, voters will be looking for plans to fix major issues and Sarah offers none - only criticism and finger-pointing, which fixes nothing.  One Palinian said no one else offers plans, and that Sarah will let us know hers after she enters the race (Bachmann said she'll nix minimum wage, and Ryan says he wants to confiscate Medicare funds for those 54 and under [I'm 54 and have paid in plenty - they can do what they want but I'd want my money back])- neither is a viable plan.  My man, Tom Coburn, is back in the news - rejoining the "Gang of Six".  He and Mitch Daniels seem to be the only realists about the state of the economy - Tom's harsh but we have to start somewhere.  Republican candidates either have no clue about how to fix the economy/deficit, or they're afraid they'll lose support if they tell the truth - there's no easy way out of this mess.

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