Sarah Palin movie, The Undefeated, debuts today in Highlands Ranch. Here's a review.

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A scheduled Sarah Palin visit to Denver earlier this year was canceled after the organizer complained about "safety concerns." But there are no such concerns surrounding the "documentary" about her life, The Undefeated -- especially since its showing in only one theater in the Palin-friendly burb of Highlands Ranch. The Undefeated isn't exactly a documentary as much as it is a promotional plug for the probable presidential candidate, and that's fitting, because semantics don't appear to be important to the movie's maker: Palin was, after all, defeated in 2008. Wanna check it out? The movie is playing at the AMC Highlands Ranch 24 beginning today, at 103 West Centennial Boulevard. But first read this review by one of our sister papers:

Fan Fiction

By Anna Merlan

"You missed the beginning, where everybody's cussin' about her," the volunteer at the table outside the "leaders only" screening of the new Sarah Palin documentary, The Undefeated, told me last month, shaking his head in disbelief. "It's pretty harsh."

That's about the only harshness you'll find in the doc, which was made by director Stephen K. Bannon without Sarah Palin's direct participation ,but with her clear blessing. The film uses significant portions from the audiobook of her memoir, Going Rogue, as voiceover, and when it debuted in Pella, Iowa, in June, she and her husband, Todd, attended the festivities. The movie, which charts her career as mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska, is less a documentary than a glowing two-hour infomercial for Sarah Palin, Presidential Candidate-to-Be.

The purpose of The Undefeated, basically, is for people who currently work for Palin, or have in the past (including her attorney, who looks a little depressed, and numerous people who were part of her mayoral and gubernatorial campaigns), to talk about her achievements and to bash her foes, who are cast as what one talking head calls "an uprising of hatred" against Palin. The former governor's arguments with her detractors are described in the movie as "a spiritual battle." She's no longer just the folksy-aphorism-usin' hockey mom of 2008; the film elevates her to nothing less than a fighter in a holy war, a lone holdout against the encroaching forces of darkness. "Are you ready to fight for your freedoms?" she is seen asking a roaring crowd last year. "OH, YEAH!" shouted the guy behind me.

Bannon depicts Palin's opponents as comic-book villains: sinister politicians in smoke-filled back rooms (Frank Murkowski, who lost to Palin in the 2002 gubernatorial primary); sexist, caddish news anchors (Chris Matthews); and bitter, unfulfilled feminists threatened by her flawless family life (referenced in generalization, but not by name), all united by their "hateful obsession" with Tearing Sarah Down. This cartoonish version of real life is paired with a just-as-caricatured view of Palin, who in this retelling is entirely without blemish (physical or political) and incapable of missteps. (Even the film's title is a whitewashing: She was, in fact, The Defeated as John McCain's running mate.) She's as morally uncomplicated as sunshine, whole milk and oil drilling, explicitly positioned as both a proto-Tea Partier and the rightful heir to the Reagan throne.

While imparting no new insight, the film spends a numbing amount of time on every detail of Palin's early career, but fades into fuzziness as it approaches the present day. One could argue, I suppose, that we all already know about present-day Palin, so better to learn about what kind of oil and gas commissioner she was in order to understand what kind of president she'd make. But that's not what's driving Bannon here. Rather, The Undefeated is in love with the idea of Sarah Palin as an outsider and an upstart, so it doesn't quite know how to talk about her growing fame and influence. This presents a curious situation (reminiscent of George W. Bush's campaign, actually) in which a woman who has been in politics for close to twenty years, and who has served as a city councilor, mayor, governor, and vice-presidential candidate, is still described repeatedly as the "un-politician."

By the film's closing credits, we still have no clearer or more realistic picture of one of the most divisive, talked-about figures in national politics. In one stump speech shown near the end of The Undefeated, Palin exclaims brightly, "There's nothing wrong in America a good ol'-fashioned election can't fix!" That's about as honest as this piece of propaganda.

Here is the trailer for The Undefeated:

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Brandt Hardin
Brandt Hardin

This film is simply another publicity stunt to make Palinwhat she really wants…. not the presidency, but cold hard CASH.  Palin is for $ale and is making it rich onyour dime with every book, speaking engagement, and movie ticket that marketsher image and sells her looks (it’s certainly not her choice of words which gother this far.)  Just watch her rolling inthe money with an indecent proposal on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot...


--"You missed the beginning, where everybody's cussin' about her," the volunteer at the table outside the "leaders only" screening of the new Sarah Palin documentary, The Undefeated, told me last month, shaking his head in disbelief. "It's pretty harsh."

That's about the only harshness you'll find in the doc.

Remember Sandra Bernhardt saying that Palin would be raped by black men should she ever venture into Manhattan?Or Andrew Sullivan claiming that Palin's own child was really someone else's child?Or the Saturday Night Live skit were a New York reports suggests incest in the Palin family?Or David Letterman joking about Palin's daughter getting pregnant due to statutory rape by a professional athlete?Or the Sheriff in Pima County, AZ implicating Sarah in the Tucson shootings on the air, while the investigation was still going on, even though he admitted he had NO evidence?

Yep, proving once again that "Hate is not a family value" -- it's a LIBERAL value.The only reason you think that this film is propaganda is that liberals live on hate, slander, and intolerance, while priding themselves on the opposite.  So when the truth comes out --Palin is intelligent (backing down the lawyers at Exxon-Mobil, as opposed to Obama using a teleprompter to talk to elementary school children), honest (resigning a six-figure job, even before governor, for the sake of conscience), hard-working (haven't yet heard the New York Times or Washington Post with their "All the Grizzly's Men" expose of Palin's 24,000 crowdsourced emails yet...); you don't know how to handle it, and resort to even MORE character assassination.

"In one stump speech shown near the end of The Undefeated, Palin exclaims brightly, "There's nothing wrong in America a good ol'-fashioned election can't fix!" That's about as honest as this piece of propaganda."--Project much?  Remember the claim by Obama that "this was the moment the planet began to heal?" "We are the ones we've been waiting for?" etc. etc. ad nauseum?And yet -- Obama has brought us unemployment going from about 5% to 9.2% (despite promises from a cadre of Ivy League economists that given the stimulus, it'd never go above 8%); he has brought us gas prices more than doubling; he has brought us an all-time record number of Americans on Food Stamps.Yes, a good old-fashioned HONEST election will fix this.Looking forward to a new wave of Tea Partiers in Congress working with Palin to defund all of the leftist interest groups covertly funded with taxpayer dollars; and forcing government workers to shift to defined contribution retirement plans, like everyone in the private sector.


The movie was originally X rated until a few days ago because of the vile hatred put on this woman and her family by the media and Hollywood. Slanderous articles like this one by Westword are tame in comparison to the first 10 minutes of the movie. Funny that the Denver Post recently plagiarized an article written by Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel in order to express their misguided hated for Palin as well, so the Denver media is still stuck in the gutter.

Actual (  professional ) reviews are just starting to come out on this documentary with this excerpt from Redstate by Ben Howe:

"The film moves at a breakneck pace while still laying out a level of detail that brings you so close to the events, you feel like you personally experienced them. Even had the substance not convinced me that I had Mrs. Palin pegged wrong, the film itself would most certainly have scored high for me as my all important test was passed:

Did I look at my watch? No I did not.

In short, the execution of this film is excellent. But what had me and my wife blown away by the time it was over, was the avalanche of information and perspectives that had been hidden from us over the years.  As I would like for you to listen to my interview with Steve, I will not get into the substance of what caused the change.  I want you to hear it for yourself.

I pride myself on my ability to know when something is baloney, almost instinctively.  On Sarah Palin, I was so incredibly hoodwinked that the one word that my wife and I agreed described how we felt after watching it, was shame.  Yes of course invigoration, satisfaction and all the other things you experience when watching a good film, but about how we had handled our vetting of Mrs. Palin, shame was the word that best described it.

Shame for not bothering to look up her record. Shame for not reading her story.Shame for turning the channel when she came on the tv. Shame for not listening to people that we had a great deal of respect for like Andrew Breitbart, Tammy Bruce, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

As Breitbart points out in the film, the greatest shame is that while this woman was savaged to degrees you may not even realize yet, some of us sat back and let it happen.  For me to buy into the media template and not defend someone who’s only offense was being a conservative, is the absolute antithesis of what I stand for, and something that I shall never allow to happen again.

I urge you to see this film when it hits theaters tomorrow. And I urge you to put aside your preconceptions about who this woman is. You don’t have to think she should be the next president to believe that the way she has been presented, even by conservatives, has been completely wrong."

This evening's movie has been sold out so check out the matinee.  I posted this review because Ben Howe actually saw the movie.

The Spleen
The Spleen

Well, if anyone needed proof that Palin is scraping the bottom of the barrel with her supporters, you two (or is it one?) fucking assclowns should just about do the trick. What amazing idiocy.

Nick Lucchesi
Nick Lucchesi

you may want to proof-read your rants before spamming other blogs. yikes.


If it came from Fox News, then it must be the undisputed truth.

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