Bring on the ski porn: Level 1 Productions and Matchstick Productions drop new trailers

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Something about this recent run of three-digit-degrees days and Monday's closing day at Arapahoe Basin have us looking forward to next ski season already, and it turns out we're not alone: On Monday director Josh Berman and the Denver-based ski porn specialists at Level 1 Productions released the first trailer for After Dark, their 12th film. And yesterday the Crested Butte-based crew at Matchstick Productions gave us our first peek at their 21st film, Attack of La Niña: The Bitch is Back, which will premiere at the Boulder Theater on September 17.

After Dark promises a ton of footage shot in Colorado -- including a trip with Telluride Helitrax and some quality time at Breckenridge -- as well as on-location around the world, from the 75th anniversary season at Sun Valley, Idaho, to far-flung locales in Russia, Japan, Canada and... uh... "Outer Space." We'll say this: Looks like another out-of-this-world flick from Level 1.

Level 1 After Dark Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.

MSP also managed to get some close to home this year: Watch for shots from their trips to Aspen and Breckenridge as well as big mountain lines in British Columbia and Alaska and pretty much anywhere it snowed a whole bunch. "Last winter continued to amaze us as the season went on -- weather patterns relentlessly pounded the western U.S. and Canada," writes executive producer Murray Wais, in a statement released yesterday. "Deep snow and epic conditions made it nearly impossible to stray too far from home, creating opportunities to go deeper into zones that we've explored in the past. We were able to check out some spots that we'd never even thought of as possibilities before, and the payoff was greater than we ever could have expected!"

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