The 2012 Colorado Firefighter Calendar release party was on fire!

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It seemed like women outnumbered men by fifty to one at last night's 2012 Colorado Firefighter Calendar release party at City Hall -- but the quality of the testosterone on display was so high that none of the ladies were complaining. At 6 p.m., the VIP ticketholders started filing in, claiming calendars and bypassing the spread of food to get in line: The 2012 calendar boys (and girl) were seated at a long table on the ground floor, Sharpies at the ready.

Spirits were high as the dozens of women and handful of men flirted their way down the line. Raffle tickets were available for $5, or five for $20; each firefighter had a box in front of his or her station, and behind the firefighters were poster-sized prints of their calendar pages, so by placing a raffle ticket in the box, attendees were entered into a drawing to win the posters.

Once the calendars were signed, it was safe to check out the bar and the event layout -- and we were glad we got there early, because the line was already starting to wind around the catwalk that the firefighters would strut down later in the evening.

The DJ spun typical club tunes as City Hall began to fill up, and ladies bumped and grinded to the music while we waited for the main event: The runway walk. And when it came, it didn't disappoint; Alice 105.9's morning-show host Erica introduced the 2011 calendar's firefighters, who took a final strut down the runway, and then it was time for the 2012 picks to shine.

December 2011: Charlie Karl

Charlie is a disabled vet with daughters; Erica asked him what advice about boys he'd give the little ones, and he responded: "Stay away!"

Calendar note: "Merry X-Mas, keep warm!"

January 2012: Neal Martin

Neal recently got a dog -- a bulldog named Lola. Aw.

Calendar note: "Your first time always means the most!"

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City Hall

1144 Broadway, Denver, CO

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