Five bizarre knittting patterns to work on tonight at Knitflix

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Every month Knitflix meets at the Denver Public Library's Fresh City Lounge to hang out, craft, and watch movies. In anticipation of the showing of depression-era flick Dinner at Eight tonight for crafters, we turned to the internet to find weird crafting patterns to take with you. Between bodily organs and weed kitty toys, you can totally out-weird anyone working on a cute scarf.

MK Carroll
Why snuggle with a Build-A-Bear when you can knit your own uterus instead? This bright pink organ knitting pattern by MK Carroll is described as a "cute, cuddly uterus doll," and when someone asks what you're working on, you can brightly respond "a fallopian tube, of course!"


R2D2 Beanie

For Star Wars devotees who also want to stay warm, this R2D2 Beanie by Carissa Knits is the perfect pattern. The best part is that, after it takes you through the stitches, the last direction is "Put on hat and make beeping noises."

Knitted Elvis Wig
Since today is the 34th anniversary of the Elvis' death, what better way to remember the King than to knit a wig in his honor? This pattern, designed by Simon Thackray, can turn anyone into the Pelvis. Be sure to hum "Always On My Mind" while working on the sideburns.

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greeting cards
greeting cards

Wow those knitted stuff are so cool! I think they are fashionable as well. Look at those Elvis inspired wigs, it's really nice.

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