Where can Airbnb make you a meth-addicted, identity-stealing guest in Colorado?

Airbnb is a site that lets regular folks rent out a room or an entire house to other regular folks. Seems like a great way to earn some money while you're away on vacation anyway, right? But because everyone is a special snowflake, sometimes regular folks are meth addicts who will steal your things, including birth certificates. That's what an Oakland man found when he got back to his place, according to the Washington Post.

But the woman and her friends who rented the place were kind enough to leave him a present: a cat. Apparently, that was nice enough, because the guy is still using the site.

A woman blogged in June about how a renter broke through a closet door in order to steal her passport, credit cards, electronics and even her grandmother's jewelry. Then the renter covered a lot of the apartment, including the bed, with Comet cleaner.

Clearly, this created some bad press for Airbnb, which sent out a notice to all its users about new safety measures. These include a 24-hour hotline and a department in the company dedicated to "Trust and Safety." However, the most impressive measure, a $50,000 guarantee to cover lost or damaged property, doesn't kick in until August 15 (but does work retroactively for those who were vandalized before August 1).

So who are those intrepid Colorado souls still willing to rent out their apartment this weekend? Here are five of the sweetest places that are renting the entire apartment or house:

Condo in Parker
Get this two bed, one bath condo for just $91 a night. There's A/C, a fireplace and a balcony. Plus, the condominium complex has a gym, pool and tennis courts.

House in Boulder
$500 a night gets you this three-bed, two-bath Victorian in downtown Boulder. There are granite countertops and an espresso machine in the kitchen, and there's a "professionally landscape [sic]" backyard.

House in Evergreen
This 2,850 sq. ft. house in the woods goes for $1,100 a night (ouch) but has five bedrooms and is on 4.5 acres of private property. There are ping-pong and pool tables and an outdoor hot tub.

Loft in Denver
This loft, just around the corner from Union Station, features 24-hour concierge services, community pool and fitness center, plus a private balcony. $217 a night gets you the one-bed, one-bath space with what the owner describes as "designer fans."

House in Boulder
This two-bed, one-bath space "at the base of Flagstaff Mountain," so the ad touts, has a king-sized bed imported from Bali, washer/dryer and a deck--all for $220 a night. Have fun!

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