Best in Show: Bid on these blue ribbon puppies at Mod Livin'

"Mastodog," Ponderosa Paint Center
How do you make these dog days pass by faster? At the East Colfax retro/modern-design emporium Mod Livin', they're literally putting the dogs on the block by bringing back the time-honored Best in Show Puppy Auction, featuring two sizes of Eero Aarnio white plastic puppies, all done up in style by local artists and small businesses. While the smaller Pound Puppies will be on display in a silent auction, the larger Pedigree Pups will be auctioned off live beginning at 8 p.m. on Saturday night to benefit, most appropriately, the Foothills Animal Shelter. And, as the name suggests, there is a competitive component to the proceedings, as well: Hop on Mod Livin's website, and you can cast your votes for your favorite puppies; Best in Show will be awarded at the auction. It will be a hard decision to make, too. Just look at these popular Pedigree Pups:

All photos courtesy of Mod Livin's Flickr page.

Mastodog (see above), Ponderosa Paint Center: Anyone with a jones for the 10,000 Years BC lifestyle will appreciate this hairy behemoth, being ridden by a Barbie stand-in for Raquel Welch.

Blue Dog Mustang, by Peter Carey, UP Architecture: Yes, its eyes DO glow in the dark!


SHEEPdog, MCA Denver: A celebration of MCA's Black Sheep Fridays cheap-entry promotion, this little lamb speaks for itself. Baa.


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Mod Livin'

5327 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Shame on you for linking to the photo of Michele Bachmann eating a corndog. I though Westword was above that type of trash journalism. 


This will be a great event for a great cause. All of the designers did such a fantastic job representing their companies and the creativity of Denver! 

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