Danielle Coughlin on Bob Ross, cat dreams and loving the broccoli

"Serious and normal."
Danielle Coughlin is a graphic designer and artist who creates online identities for other businesses at her design hub, www.dcmedia-design.com. "This is my passion," says Coughlin. "But I'm not even a year old -- I turn one next month, so I'm hoping to build this up." Because we are so interested in the entrepreneurship and ingenuity of up-and-coming artists, we sat down with Danielle to ask her a few questions. About other stuff.

Westword: What do you do if life hands you lemonade?

Danielle Coughlin: I squirt it in sombody's eye. Or, I make a lemonade and blueberry vodka drink. It's my new favorite.

Green-blue, blue-green or teal?



Those three are probably my favorite colors, but I love the color of teal.

Do you think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could sew a patchwork quilt in under an hour?

Hell yeah. They could do that in their sleep.

Did you have a favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

I think I liked the orange one.

Flower Woman
Bob Ross or Mr. Rogers in a Thunderdome Deathmatch?

Bob Ross all the way! He so would just scare the competition, him and his happy trees.

What does broccoli taste like?

Delicious and healthy. I love broccoli and eat it all the time, but it's an acquired taste. Probably.

What does your cat dream of?

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