How (and why) you throw a party at a hospital

Stev gets cheered up despite a lacerated liver.
Hospitals are gloomy places, but thankfully, life is all about perspective. Instead of wasting everyone's time on some boring flowers, a shiny balloon and some chocolate, I wanted to show my friend -- and some patrons on the fourth floor at Denver Health -- that hospitals are not the depressing, sick-ridden places we all think of them as, and more like nightclubs for the health-impaired.

My close friend Steve (whom I call "Stev") was supposed to meet me on last Friday to go to the Pretty Lights concert at the Fillmore Auditorium. When he showed up late and limping, I knew something was seriously the matter (Stev loves Pretty Lights), and when he revealed his ribcage to me, I knew he needed medical attention.

Stev got in a bike accident that left him with a punctured lung, broken ribs, a lacerated liver and horribly damaged ego -- the accident also left his bike in pieces, while the person who caused the accident rode off unharmed. Stev waited two days before seeking medical help on Sunday morning and finally realized that he was, in fact, broke off.

I went to see Stev at Denver Health in the ER, and ended up crashing with my good buddy that night. We laughed -- well, I laughed because it was too painful for him to do so -- about bikes, hot-nurse-hopeful-hook-ups, the History channel and more. On the following night, I decided that instead of watching my best friend sulk in bed for another night, I would throw him a party.

For starters, I did inform the staff at the hospital that we would be having party in room 430. We even OK'd it with one staff member to take ecstasy and play with glow-sticks -- whether he heard us or not is irrelevant, because he said yes. Needless to say, we didn't take ecstasy, but those of us not on an IV drip enjoyed cocktails (outside of the hospital, of course).

The video is a recap of the two-night ordeal, culminating in a grand celebration. Now, there may only be four people at our party, but four people who show up to party with you at a Hospital on a Monday night are worth a hell of a lot more than a sold-out crowd at the Fillmore. If you want to help Stev out, like by donating a new fixed-gear bicycle or something, please leave a comment and let's make this happen.

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Oh my god kid.  I work there, and have been there for five years.  I have never seen the room so full of great friends.  Who ever thought of putting the gloves on the door and calling it club 430 is a freakin master.  If ever I get busted up, I am calling your friends.  This video is all the rage at the hospital. 


Thanks for watching the video Dr. Hammond! The staff at Denver Health was awesome, and they were totally cool with us being fun for my friend. Thanks for everything you do in the field.



Glad the writer of this article is my best friend! 


sound about right!... STEPHEN IS A ROAD WARRIOR!!! get well soon

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