Artist Joseph Coniff on hippies, the Tony Tiger deathmatch and getting all that gold

Self Portrait.
Joseph Coniff's about to experience his first solo art opening, This is What it's Like , at RULE Gallery this Friday, August 5. He specializes in photography and sculpture, and his show will feature about eight pieces from both spectrums. What makes Coniff special, RULE owner and curator Robin Rule remarks, is his attention to unique details: "Joey is a very smart, innovative, emerging artist who does conceptual, idea-based artwork."

So we sat down with Coniff to chat. But we never brought up anything about his show.

Westword: Count Chocula or Tony the Tiger in a Thunderdome deathmatch?

Joseph Coniff: Count Chocula.


I think just the hype factor of Tony the Tiger would be detrimental.

What movie did you think was the funniest movie when you were 12?

I can't even nail down what was out when I was 12. I've always liked Adam Sandler, so like Tommy Boy, or Billy Madison, or something. I don't know.

If there are so many fish in the sea, then how come so many people are lonely?

Because of the internet, probably.

Would you rather be a hippie trapped in Atlanta at the end of the Civil War, or a mobster trapped on a commune during the 60s?

I definitely don't want to be a hippie.

Is it the patchouli?

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