Reader: "I don't go home and pee in a litterbox"

Probably in large part due to the popular misconception that it basically consists of sports mascots having sex, there are few subcultures more mysterious than furry fandom. Certainly, we tried to be sensitive when we interviewed Sorin Katt, coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011, about what writer Cory Lamz called "the furry lifestyle." But even that turn of phrase, asserts reader Madeline Criswell, might be contributing to the misconception:

Overall I like this but I have to say, "Furry Lifestyle". Umm, aren't we advanced enough as a people to realize that just because someone has different hobbies or is a nerd that we don't all live weird alternate reality personal lives? I mean, I don't go home and pee in a litter box, I don't sleep in a dog bed, I identify with the furry fandom just like a comic book fan identifies with the comic book fandom, that doesn't mean its a lifestyle...

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Zidders Roofurry
Zidders Roofurry

Going to give you guys much props for not only writing a very fair and non-exploitational article, but for this follow up. You guys definately just earned me as a reader. 

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