Angie Arrington of 5280 Fitness will kick-fit your ass to a better ski season

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Britt Chester
Angie Arrington of 5280 Fitness, in front of the center's Bruce Lee mural.
What has been the former home for a six-foot skateboard mini-ramp, a thrift shop and the coolest garage sale you've ever seen now houses 5280 Fitness. Located in the neighboring building of Thrifty Stick Board Shop at 55 South Broadway, 5280 Fitness will be the new option for any sports enthusiast looking to increase his heart rate through a unique workout regimen designed to build, tone and cut. But this isn't your regular gym, by any means.

World-renowned martial artist Ray Khan has designed a program known as Kick Fit that pretty much ensures your core will be indestructible. Fellow athlete and current TS employee Angie Arrington spared a few minutes to give us a preview of what we can expect at the grand opening this Saturday, September 24.

Westword:How and why did 5280 Fitness and Thrifty Stick get together?

Angie Arrington: It just seems like a great thing to incorporate the two ideas. What we do at 5280 Fitness, this Kick Fit program, is like a three-minute circuit training that rotates through bikes, punching bags, weights and stretching. Once you become familiar with the routine of it, you are set to apply it in multiple ways to your workout routine. We kind of relate this to skateboarders and snowboarders in the same way you learn tricks, then go to different places to practice them. Once you learn the basics, you can take that as far as you want.

How did Kick Fit come to be?

Kick Fit was designed by Ray Khan, and he has been teaching and has been in the martial arts industry pretty much his whole life. He started very young, and was actually a student of Bruce Lee's protégé, Daniel Inosanto, so it's a very awesome thing to be a part of. Ray designed a program that is a full-body workout for both the physical and mental.

What exactly is Kick Fit, then?

It's a 45-minute workout that encompasses a lot of different physical activities. It starts on the floor with a focus on abs and hamstrings. After a short period, you move to the bike, then onto the bags for a combo of punching and kicks, and then you go to weights on the floor that are geared toward legs, chest and back. This is all in short bursts, so you actually cover all three of these elements several times in a 45-minute period. After the workout, you close out with yoga.

What is the advantage of ending with yoga?

Basically, this workout works your entire body in each step. Each part that we do is a whole-body workout. So to end with yoga, it is extremely important to stretch and let your muscles relax. We don't do a full yoga class, as we are not a full yoga studio; we just want to make sure people are actually stretching and getting the most out of the workout.

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