Ten best features at the new Don Anema Memorial Skatepark

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Dylan Ferguson
The number-ten feature at Northglenn's new skatepark.
Situated in the far corner of the E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park lies the new Don Anema Memorial Skatepark. Commissioned to Team Pain Skateparks, a company known for its innovative and strategic skateparks, the park was designed in seven weeks, partly due to increased pressure to finish the new skatepark -- which is rumored to surpass Denver Skatepark and become the largest skatepark in Colorado. The park features a unique mixture of mellow transition, pool elements, handrails, gaps and strange obstacles in between. With that in mind, here are the ten features that especially caught our attention:

10. (Pictured above) Unusual Polejam: While most polejams are usually one-sided and super steep, this one sits mellow and two-sided, which provides a chance for more fearful skateboarders to learn one of the more intimidating obstacles in skateboarding.

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Dylan Ferguson
9. Bank-to-Jersey Barrier: This bank-to-Jersey barrier isn't one to mess around on; it has at least six inches of vert, not to mention a strange transition from bank to quarter pipe. The quarter pipe is modeled after a concrete "Jersey Barrier" used to block roads; therefore its more like a straight wall than a quarter pipe.

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Dylan Ferguson
8. Marble Hubba: One of the most unique features of Team Pain skateparks is that the builders use actual marble in many of their ledges, emulating the business plazas of cities. The marble provides smooth and even surfaces, perfect for sliding or grinding.

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Don Anema Memorial Skatepark

11801 Community Center, Denver, CO

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