GrowHaus's new hydroponic lettuce farm combines sustainability and technology

Categories: Activism

GrowHaus, the community farm in Elyria-Swansea, just unveiled its state-of-the-art hydroponics farm. Once it's fully installed, the organic (though not-yet-certified) greenhouse facility will grow a thousand heads of lettuce a month. It will be the largest lettuce growing facility of its kind -- an organic, soil-less system called NGS, short for the very creative name New Growing System.

The organization focuses on providing healthy food at reasonable prices to community members who live in a food desert. GrowHaus offers community garden space where local residents can learn about farming and grow their own vegetables. There's also a market where produce from other parts of the farm. The hydroponic farm will focus on commercial production which will bring money into the organization so it can develop its other programs like a classroom.

Find out more about the hydroponic farm and see more pictures of it at Cafe Society.

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