Reader: "This jacket is a symbol of my individuality"

wild at heart jacket.jpg
Nothing says "badass" like a snakeskin jacket.
As the days cool down and fall sets in, our slightly less profuse sweating heralds the coming of jacket weather -- and what better jacket to kick off the season than Ryan Gosling's scorpion-emblazoned one in Drive, a jacket so badass it inspired Tim Davids to pull together a list of other badass jackets worn in movies? Now, generally, we're pretty steadfast about our lists and the inclusion or exclusion of items therein, but in this case, reader Panachedenver calls to our attention one we can't believe we forgot.

nic cage's jacket (oh how i hate that man) in wild at heart, 'this jacket is a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom'.

Thanks for that one, Panache -- even if it didn't make it onto the list, it lives on in our hearts.

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My girl rockin' it with some Westword recognition! Damn you for hating on Nic Cage.


holy hell. a follow-up article on a comment. SOMEONE feels kinda special. merci. - @panachedenver

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