Coming soon: Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow at the International Film Series

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Manufactured civilizations rise and fall in Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow.

The International Film Series grew a little this year. To inaugurate new secondary digs in the University of Colorado's state-of-the-art Visual Arts Center, director Pablo Kjolseth chose to fill the VAC's auditorium seats with a documentary series that runs concurrently with regular IFS screening at Muenzinger Auditorium. Part of his motive is technical: Right now, the new facility offers only digital projection capabilities, and since Kjolseth is a dedicated film aficionado who prefers to run film whenever possible, he felt the screening of digital docs was a fair trade for use of the new facility. That, he hopes, will change, when he acquires new equipment in the spring. But we'll take the docs, because they're very good ones, including this Thursday's film, Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow, director Sophie Fiennes's unique meditation on artist Anselm Kiefer's transformation of an abandoned silk factory into a more-than-monumental installation and studio.

Of special interest to other artists everywhere, the hypnotic chronicle is all about process and immersion and maybe requires a bit of patience to watch. It's worth it. Take a look:

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