Photos: Prayers for Others by Sherry Wiggins at Ice Cube Gallery

1 - SW Two Men From Akka.jpg
"Two Men from Akka"
Sherry Wiggins' Prayers for Others is the "heaven" to fellow artist Regina Benon's "hell" with On Fire at the Ice Cube Gallery. Art critic Michael Paglia reviews both of them in this week's Westword. Of Wiggins' installation, he writes:

"Wiggins has divided her space into three parts. In the center is a video projection of people on the gallery's side wall; they are either alone or in groups, reciting prayers for others. Wiggins used word of mouth in her home town of Boulder to gather volunteers to be recorded praying for this project. On either end of the space, like bookends for the projection, are two 'prayer rooms' that are visually enclosed with fabric panels and made into two ten-foot cubes."

Below is a sampling of Wiggins work, provided by the artist. Her show (and Benson's) run through October 8.

2 - SW Sound of the Ocean.jpg
"Sound of the Ocean"

3 - SW Carbon Portrait.jpg
"Carbon Portrait"

4 - SW Me and James Bond.jpg
"Me and James Bond"

5 - SW Elemental Landscape.jpg
"Elemental Landscape"

6 - SW Framework for Landscape.jpg
"Framework for Landscape"
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