Satine LaChance, this week's cover girl, on her newfound fame

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By now, you've no doubt seen the cover of Jenn Wohletz's Kink of the Jungle: A field guide to Denver's wild life feature story -- and have admired the lovely (and startled!) Satine LaChance. This is actually the third time photographer Jim Narcy, who took the photo, has submitted an image of LaChance for the cover (you could also have seen her as the "Refer Madness" nurse on March 11, 2010, or the "Hot Tomato" gardener on April 30, 2009). We caught up with LaChance to ask her about what (if anything) has changed about life since her face has been scattered across the city -- and (important!) where we can see her perform her burlesque.

Westword: Have you been recognized on the street yet?

Satine LaChance: People on Facebook who know me have commented on my wall and stuff. I went into the liquor store by my house to pick up a couple of issues to send to my family back in Iowa, and there was a couple there who were like, "Is that you on the cover?" They had me sign autographs!

Who was the first to tell you they saw you on the cover?

I think it was Jim (Narcy), since he'd been into the Westword office to see the cover, and he sent me a message. And my friend Douglas sent me a text message and was like, "I walked by the newsstand and I saw your gorgeous face."

Even though you're depicted as a tourist on safari on the cover, does anyone actually think you're involved in Denver's kink scene?

No one but my mother [laughs]! I told my dad I got the cover and told him what the story was about, and he laughed -- he thought it was funny. My mom went online to look at it and just got real quiet. She said, "I thought you looked beautiful, but I don't like the article," and I was like, "I didn't write the article, and that's a hazard of being a model." I don't mind it; I thought it was hilarious how it says "Kink of the Jungle."

What are you working on next?

I just shot for a calendar with Jim Narcy of Paper Dolls, and he was working with the bar and restaurant The Hole up on Tennyson -- which is closed, but I'm pretty sure the calendar is still in production, so that's coming out soon. I do a monthly show at Shotgun Willie's on the last Thursday of every month; it's a burlesque night. The normal dancers dress up in their corsets, and at midnight, I do a two-song set. They set down the stages and have me up there doing my burlesque thing. And on the 24th of this month, I'll be at Eden.

Can you describe your burlesque style for us?

I try and keep it mainly to a '40s and '50s sort of feel -- but I do venture out into the '60s and '70s, especially at Shotgun's; I'm able to experiment with music and do some Adele "Rumor Has It" and Amy Winehouse. I've been dancing for 24 years, so I'm educated in all forms, so I incorporate my pointe dancing, ballet, hip-hop and salsa into my routine. I'm not just a typical, long-glove sort of dancer, I like to bring a lot more to my show, so this is basically the only outlet as an adult I can dance in. This is basically how I show my art.

What's your favorite style of dance to perform?

If I'm wanting to be in a studio and really get a good workout but also enjoy myself, I throw on my ballet shoes and really work my butt off. If I want to go out and just have fun, I like to salsa. And a couple of friends of mine are DJs, they play a lot of house and electro and hardcore, so I've come to learn to enjoy that with all my raver friends. They did the show above the Diamond Cabaret and had some go-go dancers; I think they're a little scared to ask me yet to go-go dance for them. I'm open to it, though!

You seem to have a few admirers on Facebook and in the comments section of the story. Have you received any new fans because of this?

I've already been contacted by another photographer looking to do a photo shoot, and I've gotten a couple of friend requests who said they saw me on the cover, so it's been really interesting. I'm really excited about it. I wasn't holding my breath this time, because it was the third time I've shot for it, and I do have bright-red hair, and I thought maybe the art director isn't wanting something quite that edgy on the cover.

(Psst! We've got some more photos of LaChance on the next page ...)

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Satine's Mom from Iowa
Satine's Mom from Iowa

You should be thanking me that you got my body!  LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL  Whatever!

Bree Davies
Bree Davies

And I thought I picked a good stage/pen name!


@ Satine: You are gonna get a laugh out of this: I've been inundated with messages this week asking about you, and I keep telling people "I'm just the writer--she's the model." But they could not have made a better choice for this cover. You are smoking hot, and you and Mr. Narcy did a fantastic job of capturing the frisky, fun spirit of the story. The part about your mom cracked me up--I'm originally from Iowa myself, and I'm thinking that my folks would not be loving the content, either...


I know many, many people who are thanking you for that!


Hi Satine's Mom! I miss several things about Iowa, including the fresh corn, the night sky with stars that can be seen clearly--no city lights/pollution--and watermelon-rind pickles....mmmmmm....

And rest assured, my folks will tan my hide if they see the

Satine LaChance
Satine LaChance

Thanks Jenn! I am truly shocked (and flattered!) by the reactions to it! i really didn't expect quite so much response. I haven't stopped smiling all week!

p.s. I'm pretty sure Iowa is soon going to be empty...everyone is out here!

Satine's Mom from Iowa
Satine's Mom from Iowa

Except your Mom!  Love you babe!  Awesome pics and awesome article.  The one about you, I mean!  xo

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