Sparkopolis at Anythink Wright Farms: On beyond books, with bells and whistles

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Anythink Wright Farms, a library like no other.
Ever since the Rangeview Library District changed its name to "Anythink," something peculiar's been going on: The locals began to embrace their libraries like never before, and once you step inside Anythink Wright Farms, way up north on 120th Avenue in Thornton, you get an inkling of why. The building itself is beautiful in a very modern, inviting way, and it lends itself both to browsing and maybe just setting a while among the airy shelves, enjoying the ambiance. That's what's folks did on Friday night, when the library opened its doors after hours for Sparkopolis, an interactive gala full of mist and magic. Here's what we saw, heard and ate.

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Our Anythink wanderings first took us outside, where you could taste beer, bang on a wooden xylophone or pose in a fancy frame. Then we got hungry. And thirsty.

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Anythink Wright Farms

5877 E. 120th Ave., Brighton, CO

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