Top five celebrities Mistress Saskia would sodomize if she could

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Sozz only looks sweet and non-threatening...
Mistress Saskia, Denver's premier dominatrix, is headmistress of Pavlovia Denver, a house of professional domination where she trains apprentice dominants, teaches private lessons for singles and couples, and offers such delightful and demented services as cross-dressing, role-play, spanking, whippings, fetish play and bondage (subjects you can learn much more about in our Kinky Field Guide to Denver). But Sozz, as she's known, has her own naughty needs. Here is her list of the top five celebrities she'd like to sodomize. Lube is optional -- a sturdy strap-on is not.

5. Vin Diesel.

"He's pretty openly bi, so I have a feeling he'd like it. And he is a damn good-looking man."

4. Bill Maher.
"I wanna see if I can pound him hard enough that he would say 'Oh, my GOD!' because he's an atheist."

3. Ann Coulter.

"Because I would love to give her a 'dirty Sanchez.' I'm tired of just doing it with a magic marker on a magazine -- and she's overdue for one."

Maybe a two-fer?
2. Willem Dafoe.

"He looked really, really good cross-dressed at the end of Boondock Saints."

1. Simon Adebisi from Oz.

"I love him in Oz, and I love that little knit beanie he wears. I want to pound him hard enough to see what it would take to make it fall off."

Honorable mention: Charleton Heston.

"I just want to hear him say "Damn dirty apes!"

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Re Vin Diesel - you don't have to be a guy who likes guys to enjoy a little prostate stim. Hetero guys like it, too.  I suspect I let my Vin Diesel-with-a-hot-guy-or-three fantasies influence my "he's bi so he'd probably like it" bi-as. 

Margaret 'Maggie Mae' Short
Margaret 'Maggie Mae' Short

LOL! Cute picture of you and nice answers/explanations.. and yes Vin Diesel is totally hot no matter what he's into. *grins*

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