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Author Neal Stephenson will be at the Tattered Cover LoDo on Friday and in advance of that appearance, we'll have a Q&A with him tomorrow. In the meantime, we're giving you a chance to win a copy of the book right now, so you'll be able to have Stephenson sign it. All you need to do is tell us a little story.

Since Reamde is a novel about both a computer virus and a massively multiplayer game (with gold farming!), we'll give you two options for your story line:

Option 1: Tell us about getting a computer virus on your computer and what you think you did to get it. Be honest; we won't judge. Alternately, you can tell us about a virus from which you rescued your parents, or grandparents.

Option 2: Tell us you most embarrassing MMO story.

Leave your story in the comments section below by 5 p.m. Thursday, September 29 (and be sure to include your real e-mail address). We'll announce the winner Friday morning -- giving you time to swing by the Westword offices and pick up your copy before Stephenson's reading that night.

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Having been in the videogame business for a pair of decades, it's more likely that I'll have my regularly reformatted and re-installed machine bork over early code (and I learned a long time ago to have one machine that was "not for early code."That said, one of my sisters was regularly getting the machines around her house "fixed" by a local computer guy who charged monthly... I noticed that the family was always having virus issues. And surprise of all surprises, it was a time-based batch file that was releasing these things onto their machines--brought to them by their computer handyman so that he'd have ongoing business.I am a collector of first edition Science Fiction (and early children's books) and have been all of my teen-to-today life.My first edition copy of Snow Crash is certainly one of my favorite books. I buy and give away paperback and electronic versions on a regular basis. One of my favorite moments was having a close female pal tell me that it was a Men's Action Book. I asked how many pages she had read. The answer was three. I suggested that she try a few more. She read it in a single sitting as a result.Neal's REAMDE in signed, 1st would be a treat.I'm glad he's a Halo fan. I suspect he'll truly enjoy Halo Anniversary. ;-)

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