Ten DIY robot costumes you can make for Robot Prom --or Halloween

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Robot Prom is just two days away, which means you'll need to get your metalic ass in gear if you want to have the most radical costume of the night -- or for Halloween two weeks later. To help you out, we've compiled the best DIY robot costumes we could find online (with instructions). So get building, and feel free to show of the results in the comments.

10. Green Robot
Sometimes simplicity is best, and while this green-bot costume clearly takes a lot of work to make, it's one of very few on this list you can actually move around in. Bonus points to the first person who modifies it into a "sexy robot" costume.

9. Gort
Gort is one of the greatest robots of all time and regardless of the hideous remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, he still stands as one of the best examples of how to make a robot both terrifying and inspirational. The costume doesn't look like it takes a lot of work, but since the lights are powered by a 9-volt battery, it will take a little skill. Unfortunately, it's not quite as tall as the original Gort, but at least you'll be able to get in and out of car.

8. Deep Blue
Hey, not all robots need to have arms and legs, some of them are just kick-ass chess players. For those who don't know, Deep Blue is the IBM machine that kicked Gary Kasparov's ass at chess in 1997. The machine could calculate something like 200 million moves per second, so if you're planning on going with this one, you best be good at chess.

7. More traditional robot costume (with matching couples!)
According to teen-dramas, the best way to win the prom king and queen crown is to have matching outfits. Well, that and be an underdog with a heart of gold but a slightly off-kilter dress styles/face. Regardless, we're positive if you and your loved one create a pair of matching costumes, you'll win. Same-sex couples simply need to follow the instructions for one of these twice. These are a couple classic versions of robots, but that doesn't make them any less incredible.

6. Mad Cyborg
If you want to get all technical, cyborgs are not robots, but they're close enough. In this case, you can build a giant robot arm that actually grips things, which is good enough for us. The entire thing is build from junk, with only a few tools, most of which you'll probably already own.

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