Reader: Colorado Symphony Orchestra interview with Barry Fey sounds a sour note

All the talk about the troubles at the Colorado Symphony (and watch for an update on the CSO's revised fall schedule today) had us thinking about the big troubles of 1989, when the Denver Symphony Orchestra was failing and concert promoter Barry Fey rode to the rescue, rallying the community.

Old news, says Zoe W. Instead of quoting Fey, we should be conducting our own campaign to save the CSO -- or at least raise awareness of its plight:

Barry Fey's in Denver is historical, certainly, but now it is not meaningful whatsoever.

I really don't understand why ANYONE would look to him for any advise or money or advise about money. Back in the 1970s and 1980s when he was the lone large scale producer in Denver, there might have been value, but now? There are plenty of amazing "show bookers" and promoters in town who have a current pulse on what is available, what makes money and what could help. Don't forget this year someone had the bright idea of booking a Pops series that included Pink Martini and Ben Folds which I thought was brilliant and was well received by the community.

Westword, give up on your promoting Barry Fey please, it's enough. Just because he picks up the phone doesn't mean you should call.

He is a dinosaur and not at all timely. What the Colorado Symphony doesn't need is advise from Barry Fey. His attitude of "if they fail, they fail" is sour and no one needs that energy around. Let it go Westword. He was generous once, great, now he is just seems bitter. Remember he had lots of money once too and could give away money as a write off, but that is doubtful now.

Let him be irked that some plaque has been removed. He needs to remain retired and do so gracefully (and albeit quietly) and not irk the community.

There used to be year round fundraising options for the Symphony, there were radio marathons, there were road races, there were options for people to donate. Now with the economy it just isn't feasible I am sure.

Instead of writing an article about a cash strapped Symphony and how Barry Fey is bitter and won't help, why not include a line or two with contact information for someone to call and donate on their own since he won't help? Why not be proactive Westword?

Heck I will : From their website:

Administration General inquiries:

Colorado Symphony Association
Boettcher Concert Hall
Denver Performing Arts Complex
1000 14th Street, #15
Denver, CO 80202-2333

Phone: (303) 292-5566
Fax: (303) 293-2649

Should the symphony be saved? What are you going to do?

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barry fey
barry fey

never stop calling me for my opinions.i might have nothing valuable to say, but at least i get to talk to someboby as far as these other wonderful music poromoters, who are they again.p.s. please give me my plaque back.

Zoe W
Zoe W

Oh Barry... really.... I am so glad that I get the opportunity in a public forum to congratulate you on your bitter bitter pill.

I certainly am thrilled you have an opinion and are able to share it.  But everyone has an opinion and usually seem to find a way to not be mean and cruel to an organization that needs positive attention now, and support however they can get it... all you offer is ""if they fail, they fail"  because they took down a plaque and don't publicly put you on some pedestal you think this town still needs to put you on.  I don't get it.  I know it goes deeper than that, and you do like to see your name in "the papers". 

You had your time Mr. Fey.  I find it tremendously sad that you can't let it go. I find it sad you kvetch about what was and how no one cares, well you don't sir, so why should they care about you and what you did 20 some odd years ago? 

When the DSO faultered and became the CSO there were MANY other things that came into play (no pun intended) other than your financial contribution and promotion. There were other factors happening.  There were musicians unions, the contracts with the city for venues and other issues that just couldn't be taken care of with the moniker and management under the "DSO" any longer.  The financial support was huge in this town for the Orchestra back then.  Again the community backed it... perhaps due to support from our local papers being more generous back then.  Your support was appreciated I am sure.  But your attitude now isn't, in my opinion (see? we all have them)

Certainly the community is a little more cash strapped then they have been in the past and might not be buying tickets and sponsoring at patron levels like before.  This is the issue, financial support not your missing some plaque saying you were once great. 

Had you said something a little more positive and progressive about the situation instead of "if they fail they fail" perhaps they might be interested in hearing what you have to say and maybe you might get a new award out of it.  Did you ever think about that? Probably not because you don't think about what is, just,  what was.

And to answer your question about wonderful and amazing promoters in this lovely town NOW? Come on really... you know ... and you should validate all the work that SHE did for you lately. Just to think of one.

Good luck Barry... Happy New Year and maybe you can find away to not be so awful and coming off like a douche the next time Westword calls. People held you to some level of  esteem once but your "if they fail they fail" and "please give me my plaque back" now just sadly makes you look bitter bitter bitter and in my opinion sad.. 

barry fey
barry fey

happy new year to you also. you wrote a very succinct and long letter. i did not see the original story, but i doubt that i came off simply as saying "if they fail they fail" and if i did it was unintentional having tried to help them as little as eight months ago. as for my little plaque, it was brought to my attention by one of the ninety musicians that had gone without a pay check  for seven months before i got involved and is still earning one today. i never made a dime for "saving the symphony" and when i left i wrote off approx. $20,000. by the way, you have an advantage over me in that you know who i am, but i neither know your identity nor that female promoter/ benefactor of mine so please thank her for me if, in fact she exists. i am not being facetious. i am not aware of any female who works with live nation or a.e.g., the only real promoters in this here town. 

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