Occupy Facebook: The five worst anti-protest memes

So, if Facebook is the future of social discourse, it should be no surprise that it's been a forum for Occupy Wall Street discussions and visual arguments. Pictures, cartoons, graphics -- anti-Occupy Facebookers have taken to the virtual streets of Zuckerberg's city to fight Occupy Wall Street supporters. Some of the arguments are clever. Most are not. (Those are confusing, logically fallacious and unrepresentative of the situation.) In case you've missed these in your news feed, here are the five worst anti-Occupy memes. Because unlike Kindergarten, not all opinions are good ones.

5. The Occupy irony meme:
Example Facebook comment: "Not much soap represented, tho."
Why didn't these protesters get their permanent black markers from the independent office supply store? You know, where everything is made by independent companies? Because that store doesn't exist. Thanks for pointing out the ironic fact that the protesters had to use a Sharpie, which was made by the very corporations they are protesting, by creating the irony that this meme points out exactly what the protesters are saying: corporations are so monopolizing and expansive that everyone's a slave.

4. The slanted media meme:
Facebook comment: "YAY! Finally, I have a answer back to my liberal friends who send me videos of "normal" Occupiers. This is SPOT-ON."
If I've said it once, I've said it one-thousand times. The liberal media is always warping reality to suit their twisted agendas. Bastards. Little do people know that behind the camera the Tea Party is actually a really normal group of people while the Occupy Wall Street protesters are really a bunch of blood-thirsty anti-Semites.

3. The lazy monkey meme:
Facebook comment: "Cute."
Free ribs? Yum! Bet you didn't know the Occupy protesters were after free meat. The point of this meme seems to be that protesters want free stuff from corporations: "Where's my box of Sharpies, Sharpie?" Or the point must be that these protesters should get back to work. Working for the man. The man they're protesting against. Because instead of exercising free speech, disgruntled citizens should bend over and take it. Very American.

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I would love to hear a story about someone who spent his/her entire life mowing rich peoples' lawns and became rich from doing it.

Bree Davies
Bree Davies

I never thought rednecks and privileged white people would fit into the same category, but these memes prove it is possible.


no you wouldn't. it would fracture your make believe world where know one can start a business and become wealthy.

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