Uni and Square set the street-art scene at UnseenDenver's fundraiser for Arts Street

Uni works on a Jack Kerouac stencil.
Street art is usually a fly-by-night phenomena, one that the artists prefer no one -- especially the police -- witness. Just ask the Knapper twins, the subjects of this week's Westword cover story. But Denver has recently taken to the idea of live street-art events. And last Friday night, UnseenDenver (Westword's 2011 Best Of Photo Blog) sponsored a fundraiser for Arts Street, a sixteen-year-old foundation that provides youth with job skills through art, where two artists, Uni and Square, put up their work right before everyone's eyes at Uncubed, a communal workspace at 2763 Walnut Street.


Uni, who also goes by Theo, is the guy behind the Jack Kerouac stencils that appeared earlier this year in places that Kerouac either mentioned in his book On the Road or was known to frequent. Uni took on the project because he was dismayed that Francis Ford Coppola had decided to film parts of his On the Road movie adaptation in Canada rather than in Denver, where the writer spent so much time.

At Uncubed, Uni put his gas mask on and took it off as he worked on a multi-layered Kerouac stencil on the interior of the cavernous room. Kerouac was Theo's first major stencil project, and he enjoyed comparing the Denver locales that Kerouac describes with the ones he experienced himself growing up here. Uni is also putting up Kurt Vonnegut, William S. Burroughs and Elliot Smith images these days.



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tim davids
tim davids

Hey - Walter Salles is directing the On the Road adaptation (Coppola would be better, though).

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