Sad Halloween costume of the day: The $5 debit card fee costume

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If you're kind of nerdy, which is totally fine, you're probably already thinking about what you want to wear for Halloween, whether you sport your costume at a party or at home on your sofa while you wait for packs of eight-year-olds to knock on your door.

As a public service, we at Show and Tell are thinking of sad costumes and warning the public to put the scissors and glue down this year. Stay away from these ideas. Today's sad costume is below.

Via the Google.
It's never a good costume when you have to explain it, but you may find yourself answering the question: "Why are you a $5 bill?" to people over the punch bowl.

The answer: You're not just a $5 bill.

You're a $5 monthly debit card fee that Bank of America plans to charge its nearly 40 million customers starting next year. It's safe to say that anything related to finance is a bad Halloween costume idea, unless it's 1988 and you're going as Gordon Gecko, and even then it's a stretch.

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That kid should dress up as a $100 bill, then hide all night, since most people right now have no idea when they're gonna see a $100 bill again.....

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