Shine a little light: The First Avenue Hotel, El Diablo and Sketch turn on tonight

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Restaurateur Jesse Morreale has always gone all-out dolling up his eateries for the holidays, but since he nabbed the vintage First Avenue Hotel and opened El Diablo there, the corner of First and Broadway has become a real star, with more than 24,000 twinkling bulbs inside and out.

!Feliz Navidad!, dude. Tonight at 5:30 p.m., the illumination switches on for the season with a holiday party that includes mulled wine and appetizers at Sketch and tequila pairings at El Diablo for the adults, and an honest-to-God reindeer petting zoo outside for the kids.

Got a house full of antsy relatives and children? LIGHT BULB! Here's a great way to get them out of the house and take the celebration to the streets on Thanksgiving Eve. It's guaranteed to give you a glow that will carry over to tomorrow's turkey dinner.

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El Diablo - CLOSED

101 Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Hotels In Phuket

Hello..The information you shared about the hotel is very informative. I was not aware of it. I am glad I visited here and come to know about it. I have gathered a huge knowledge being here.

Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus

Just talked to Santa -- he said the reindeer will be landing at El Diablo and Sketch around 5 or 5:30 tonight...

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