Black Friday 2011: A soul-crushing compilation of humanity at its worst

Tear it to shreds, America.
It's Black Friday in America. When flat-screen TV's at deep discounts cause annual madness. It's like that scene in 28 Days Later, when a cluster of people become infected with rage and turn on one another like mindless flesh-craving monsters.

Here's a compilation of videos from today, Black Friday 2011.

5. Xbox Crush
Location: A Walmart in Falcon, Colorado
Notably Sad Event: A crowd of shoppers around Xbox video games get told to "STOP PUSHING! BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP!" while it appears people get forcibly pushed back. It's just a video game, everyone.

4. The Texas Trample
Location: A Walmart in Mesquite, Texas
Notably Sad Events: A woman almost being trampled, another woman crying and a man yelling "GET THE FUCK UP!" over the chaos.

3. A Child's Call to Reason
Location: A Walmart in Kansas City, Missouri
Notably Sad Events: Chilren shrieking, adults yelling, what appears to be a box that once held video games being hoisted into the air like a trash can during a riot, and what sounds like a child, telling no one in particular, "Guys, geez!"

The worst two are on Page 2.

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