Black Friday 2011: A soul-crushing compilation of humanity at its worst

Categories: Holidays, Media

Location: Unknown
Notably Sad Event: The utter joy, usually reserved for the birth of a child or World Series win, over what appears to be a toy. This video isn't so directly negative, and who's to say this mother -- who apparently tackles her friend -- isn't getting a gift for her child who's been good all year? Really, it's just getting included for the soft tackle she applies to her friend.

1. The Computer Will Break In a Year Anyway
Location: A Walmart in America.
Notably Sad Events: People vying for shitty computers.

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How sad this is. It's not like this is food or seething that anyone "needs". This is crap that no one needs, and prob doesn't even really want -- creating 'mob mentality'. Yikes

Bree Davies
Bree Davies

Protests in Tahrir Square, tramplings in Walmart. No wonder the rest of the world hates America. 

Jennifer Wohletz
Jennifer Wohletz

I wish I could be surprised about this, but sadly I'm not. Since the majority of the melees/robberies/shootings/stabbings/pepper-sprayings/general asseries take place over the game consoles, why don't these stores just put the palettes of game consoles in large cages, smear the floors with margarine and put all the wackadoos in them to do cage matches over the merchandise? Live stream the action, maybe even pay-per-view them to make a few bucks, and everybody wins.

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