Reader: Curt Fentress wasn't horsing around when he built the big top

Suspicions confirmed! At last night's town hall meeting on the art program at Denver International Airport, consultants who'd interviewed hundreds of DIA travelers, and studied 1,600 online surveys, revealed that the most loved -- and loathed -- piece of art at DIA is Luis Jimenez's "Mustang." But they also documented a real fondness for architect Curt Fentress's tent over the terminal, which has become an iconic symbol of the city.

Here's the take from Mr Manumba Ney:

The Fentress teflon coated fiberglass big top has survived the hail storm of critics.

So will this sculpture likeness of John Elway.

What's your favorite piece of art at DIA? And if it's "Mustang," what's your second-most favorite piece? And what would you like to see added to the art lineup at the airport?

The consultants had several suggestions; Show and Tell will have more on that later.

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My 'favorite' piece of art would have to be the one with the 3 children of various religions/cultures in coffins with the woods burning in the back ground and animals in glass cages... at first obviously signifying the death of the old world religions and zeitgeist but as far as the destruction for seen what possibly could this signify other than a self fulfilling prophecy on the grounds of martial law

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