Game time! H&M camper or homeless person?

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Homeless or HM.JPG
We're giving you the first one for free: H&M!
Sleeping outside in the cold wind is not a common beauty regimen. And so camping out for H&M's opening yesterday certainly didn't equal beauty sleep. In fact, with crews starting to set up a runway and booths at midnight, sleep was impossible for many of the campers.

In fact, by morning it was tough to tell wannabe fashionistas waiting for H&M to open at noon with the folks who sleep downtown on a regular basis? H&M or homeless camper? You decide.

Homeless or HM 3.JPG
1. Wistful glances.

HM or Homeless2.jpg
2. Caution, is this a hipster?

Homeless or HM 2.JPG
3. Is that smile hiding deep depression?

4. See the distrust in their eyes.

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