Jef Otte's ode to Barnum has the stupidest line ever by a professional journalist

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Residents of Barnum love their neighborhood, and several added their own reasons why to Jef Otte's "O, Barnum! An ode to Denver's least desirable neighborhood."

Otte loves the activity, the weird stores around Federal Boulevard, even the fact that although the area's named for P.T. Barnum, the legendary showman never lived in the neighborhood.

Coco seconds Otte's love for Mi Puebla:

The people at Mi Puebla rule, not to mention the produce and fresh, not-white-people-approved unbleached meats. I'd take that place over a pretentious and sanitized Whole Foods any day. I am aware that I am the more than typical white person, in my Uggs and my Subaru, but this neighborhood I've recently been welcomed into reminds me of Virginia Village, the neighborhood I grew up in, before it was gentrified. Shout out to Barnum, and the incredible Park Villa city skyline view from the hill at 8th and Knox!

But then there's this from Cosun_russ:

The line "Prius with a Nader sticker on it", has to be the stupidest line I've ever read by a professional journalist.

Really? Cosun-russ must not be reading....

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