Reader: Kathy Griffin isn't worthy of a Muppets cameo

The Muppet Movie is doing boffo box office; the puppets alone are enough to draw the crowds. But during their lengthy career, the Muppets have also cozied up to many celebrities -- including the quintet profiled in our "Five most memorable Muppet movie cameos" post.

One of them was from 1999's Muppets From Space -- and DustyD didn't appreciate its inclusion:

Kathy Griffin doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the Muppets.

Not even if she's goosed by Animal while she plays a prison guard?

For the record, the stars have come out for The Muppets Movie, too, which includes a cameo by heartthrob Zach Galifianakis. Take that, Kathy Griffin!

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