Contest: Win a pair of tickets to the Rocky Mountain Rod & Custom Show

I love you bro.
This summer's Fast Five movie generated a mind-boggling $626 million at the box office, helping lead-footed morons everywhere rationalize cutting you off in traffic while driving 80 in a 35.


However, if you haven't let shmucks in souped-up Civics decimate your love of cars, this contest may be for you. Five pairs of tickets to the 15th annual Rocky Mountain Rod & Custom show just landed on the Show and Tell desk. Details below.

The three-day event (November 25 to 27) at the Colorado Convention Center is also a good way to get away from your family or bond with your awkward gearhead cousin or uncle.

If you'd like to go, on us, leave a comment below detailing your worst driving experience.

Make sure you provide your e-mail address so we can contact you if your story is a winner. We're picking five winners this year.

The contest ends at noon Thursday, and we'll contact the winners that day.

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In 1983, my mom decided that we (4 females) should take a road trip to LA in our 1972 Chevy Nova. I was 16 at the time and I didn't have my permit yet. My mom thought the best way for me to learn to drive would be on the highway. I was the one who had to drive when we got on the San Bernadino Hwy., so I thought I would drive just like everyone else...85 mph weaving in and out of traffic! My sister was screaming in my ear and my mom was screaming at her! Needless to say, NOTHING bothers me when I'm driving!

George R.
George R.

1 month after getting my 66 Pontiac GTO painted that I just spent the last 2 years restoring, and 2 weeks after putting the re-chromed and straightened rear bumper back on, while sitting at a stop light I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a car coming at me with the 17 year old driver (With a learners permit) being distracted by his mother. I was boxed in on both sides, and had no where to escape. Just had to brace for the impact. He rear ended me at almost full speed. 3 months before that, while the car was still in primer paint, while cruising along C-470 at 65 MPH, I saw the PU truck in front of me hit a bump and watched a 2X4 pop out of the bed, bounce and stand straight up in front of the car. I swerved, and slid the car almost sideways while watching the piece of wood go whizzing by the passengers window, then realized I was headed straight for the bridge support piller. Swerved / slid in the opposite direction, and missed the concrete wall by about 1 or 2 feet. Pulled off the highway at the next exit, and spent about 5 min. just breathing hard, and stopping my hands from shaking.  

S Erickson
S Erickson

My worst driving experience was shared between me and my mother. I was 11 years old at the time and my brother and I got yamaha mini endure dirt bikes for Christmas. We were ecstatic! My family poured out onto our front lawn which was on a big hill to check out our new "toys". My mom got on my bike and my brother on the other and we fired them up. My Dad was instructing us how to drive them.

He yells to my mom to turn the throttle to get to go and she heads off down the hill yelling over her shoulder "How do you stop it?!!". She proceeds to pick up speed, catches some air crossing the road below our house, and then tumbles across the grass in our neighbors yard across the street and down the hill. Being an eleven year old, I thought I had just lost my mother and was terrified...

Fortunately, she got up and was fine. It was that day that I learned my mother was a tough cookie with a sense of adventure. She still is at age 83!


Driving from Denver to New Mexico first a freak snowstorm hit on I 25 as I was climbing the pass in my 88 Honda Civic. Then going thru new Mexico in albaquerque a lady stops in the 3rd lane of traffic and starts to slowly try and exit. That puckered my butthole.


Hmm there have been several but the worst....

Driving to school early morning on a back country road. Not a car I sight.

I was zoning out when a 100+ foot pine tree decided it didnt want to live any longer. The giant tree toppled over crossing the entire road 15 feet in front of my car.

Since I was going 55 there was no chance of stopping.

Lucky for me the branches had enough spring in them that when the tree hit it bounced up just high enough for me to sail through the branches and under the giant trunk.

My car spun in several circles finally stopping facing the enormous tree laying across the entire width of the road.

There wasn't a soul around.

I gathered myself thanked checked my pants and went on my way.


it's a total toss up between my step dad taking me to red rocks... handing me the keys... and saying... no better place to learn. Yeah. This was my 16th Birthday. I cried. and then maneuvered the {F} outta that 'mountain'!! lol

Or the time i was roofied and wrecked three parked cars flipped on and the one i was in... and since i don't remember it.. that's kinda the only story that you get for it... it WAS pretty crappy though!! lol  http://thedecadentdiva.blogspo... :) 

June Bugg
June Bugg

My dad was going to teach me how to drive 'stick' and he kept yelling at me about the clutch.  It would have been nice to be shown before I started the truck up and backed down the driveway, just what the clutch does!  By the time we straightened out the truck to go forward, I was reaching my limit with the yelling.  I still wasn't understanding the clutch and shifting.   On the middle of the next block, I stopped the truck, got out, slammed the door and walked home!  Neither of us ever said a word about it that day or any other day.  I guess I can thank my dad that as a grown woman I have overcome that obstacle and many others.  I took on many driving challenges since then, learning to drive some heavy equipment, school bus and actually acquired my CDL before my husband!  THANKS DAD!

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