Seven tastiest feast scenes in movies, in honor of Thanksgiving

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Tortilla Soup
Eating, more or less, is the hallmark of the holidays (not to mention a cornerstone of the e-card industry) -- Thanksgiving, in particular. So, whether your family-time is a drunken-uncle disaster, a Leave it to Beaver affair or something in between, at least you have some turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes to look forward to. Here, in honor of the day, are our picks for the most delicious feasts caught on film:

7. Eat Drink Man Woman: In Ang Lee's film about an aging chef trying to keep his family together, he slaves over a delicious Taiwanese meal every Sunday. Although his three daughters might not always appreciate it, it's a feast for the eyes.

6. Age of Innocence: Adultery and intrigue are dishes best served at over-the-top dinner parties, and there are plenty of those in this Martin Scorsese-directed, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daniel Day-Lewis costume drama based on an Edith Wharton novel.

5. Nutty Professor: Fried chicken, collard greens, biscuits and mashed potatoes. The conversation about weight loss might make the meal a little less appetizing (there's a not-so-subtle stick of butter on the table), but the food reminds you why baby portions are for wimps.

4. Tortilla Soup: In this Americanized version of Eat Drink Man Woman, it's the same Sunday dinner schtick, but now with Mexican-American food.

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Chocolat! Tampopo! Like Water for Chocolate!


You guys forgot the best film of all:  Babette's Feast - with the old Swedes trying to not enjoy how great the food is and in the end, forgiving each other....

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