Slam! Greatest misses from Royal Stain, Never Summer, No Love Skateboarding

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If your favorite part of any skate or snowboard video is seeing people fall down and get hurt, then we've got a treat for you: This week, we found three locally-produced clips full of brutal bails, courtesy of the new Royal Stain H-DTS Down to Skate promo, Never Summer Smash! (a compilation of greatest misses by the Never Summer snowboard team), and No Love Skateboarding's not-so-hot Hot Minute #7. This Thanksgiving, take a moment to be thankful you're not any of the guys in these clips (unless you are one of the guys in these clips, in which to be you).

Never Summer Smash! from Never Summer on Vimeo.

For good measure, we clicked around some of our favorite local skate blogs to see if anybody was landing anything. Indeed they are...

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