Ten RecordSetter world records set by Coloradoans, including most questions asked in a drive-thru

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Jenna Bascom
The core philosophy of Corey Henderson and Dan Rollman's book, The RecordSetter Book of World Records, is that everyone can be the world's best at something -- even if it is something ridiculous. They'll sign their book tonight at the Tattered Cover LoDo and tomorrow at the Boulder Bookstore. In addition to the signing, the audience can also help set records on the spot. In Denver, they'll attempt to set the record for the largest group to dance the Macarena in a bookstore, and in Boulder, the most people to eat peanut butter cups at one time. In advance of their visit, we took a loot at the top ten records set by people in Colorado.

10. Tallest Poker Chip Sculpture
The RecordSetter: Robert "Death" of Arvada
The Record: Without the use of any adhesives, this Arvada guy built a poker chip sculpture that stands 200 chips high.

9. Most Facebook Friends
The RecordSetter: Jonah Werner of Boulder
The Record: Since the limit for number of Facebook friends is 5,000, it's pretty amazing that Werner somehow managed to get 5,003. While this is impressive in the Internet world, ultimately, it's kind of a bummer: A Cornell study found that people with more friends on Facebook tend to have less in real life.

8. Most Pokemon Characters Named In 30 Seconds
The RecordSetter: Ben Kula of Estes Park
The Record: It's great that there's a place where people can be honored for naming 43 Pokemon characters by memory in thirty seconds. And that's exactly what Kula does.

7. Most Questions Asked During a Single Drive-Thru visit
The RecordSetter: Steve Fester of Denver
The Record: Fester drives a poor McDonald's worker crazy by asking 33 questions through the intercom at the drive-thru window, ending up only purchasing a small coffee for $1.04.

6. Most Times To Pass Pillow With Feet By Four People In One Minute
The RecordSetters: Neal, Jon, Connor, and Kaleb Babcock of Fort Collins
The Record: These two sets of brothers set this obscure record by passing a pillow around with their feet 11 times in one minute.

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