Reader: Is the Grinch the 1 percent stealing Christmas from Occupy Denver?

In "Occupy Christmas: What protesters could learn from the true meaning of the holidays," Jef Otte explained how the Grinch was about to steal Christmas from the 99 percent -- unless they had secured a nice temporary job in some retail establishment, so that they could give nice presents to their children, like the 1 percent does, but not quite as good.

And then he concluded with this:

Because it's not just rich people's job to buy products. It's our job, too. That's the reason for the season.

But Guest didn't appreciate the joke:

Hint: if you have to explain the's not a joke. Now, your writing career... that's a joke. Toodles.

Did the Grinch steal Jef Otte's writing abilities? Or is Guest just in the 1 percent that will never get the joke? Feel free to post your comments below.

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