Crappy Christmas crafting at MCA over the weekend (PHOTOS)

Crap lede.JPG
J. Wohletz
MCA Denver after dark.
The Cheap Christmas Crapfare at the Museum of Contemporary Art was a festival of joyful hipsters, free eggnog -- and the finest paper plate wreaths in the city. Part of MCA Denver's "Black Sheep Fridays," Friday evening's crappy craft-making party was lively, and there was plenty of crap to keep everyone amused.

J. Wohletz
Wherefore art thou, entrance door?
Getting in the door was tough, as anyone who's visited the museum for the first time can attest to. The entrance door is a Labyrinth-style optical illusion -- a panel of the wall is motion-activated and slides to one side, but from the front walkway it looks as if there is no door at all. That makes you wonder how many people a day fail to find the entrance at first glance.

"At least one or two people a day," laughed museum employee Maria. "I had a lady once come over to the window and bang on it to get in."

The museum itself is modern-industrial style architecture with ample windows that allow plenty of natural light during the day, but by night the view from the rooftop café where the after-hours festivities are held is actually far from crappy. Getting upstairs means walking across some seriously trippy glowing glass tiles -- it's not recommended to moonwalk over them after more than three glasses of eggnog, and traipsing across them on a regular basis takes some getting used to.

Entering the café area to the Crapfare looked a lot like walking into Sputnik on any given night, but thankfully there was no liberal-politics pissing contests, and instead there were groups of animated crafters enjoying the atmosphere, the free eggnog (which was craftily devoid of alcohol with a $7 rum shot option which appeared to be rather popular) and of course--the cheap, crappy craft-making supplies.

J. Wohletz
Free eggnog and $7 rum shots--an excellent marketing strategy.
Tables were stocked with everything needed to make crappy graham cracker houses, crappy cotton ball snowmen, crappy clothespin reindeer, crap-tastic macaroni-art wreaths and even some shiny pipe cleaners to make crap-a-delic winter tiaras.

Eggnog a la gratis meant finding the restrooms was imperative, but those shysty architects that designed the building also decided that hiding the bathroom doors in plain sight was a good idea. If it weren't for the protruding door handles indicating the location of the head there may have been trouble.

The crapfare was well-organized, grown adults were getting their fingers sticky with Elmer's glue, and DJ Postman was spinning some entertaining Christmas-spliced songs in the background. The festivities may have eventually come to an end, but the cheap, crappy art will live on, adorning refrigerators and apartment doors for years to come.
"My kid's stuff looks better, but after a few beers my creation looks pretty good," said crappy crafter Andrea, who left for the evening with her own crappy pasta/paint/glitter wreath.

Check out the crappy crafting that you missed, and remember it's the thought that counts.

J. Wohletz
You can see this walkway in the dark.

J. Wohletz
A robust rotini wreath in the making.

J. Wohletz
Kids shouldn't hog all the crappy crafting fun.

J. Wohletz
A crowning achievement.

J. Wohletz
Thank the lucky stars for the door handles.

J. Wohletz
DJ Postman delivering Christmas tunes that didn't suck.

J. Wohletz
Crappy snowmen in their infant stages.

J. Wohletz
This is the best crappy graham cracker house of the night.

J. Wohletz
A beautiful, crappy clothespin reindeer.

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