Let Robert Gift ring your chimes at the Denver City and County Building

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Denver Public Library
It's been carilloneur Robert Gift's thankless task each Christmas for the last thirty years or so to whip the City and County Building's recalcitrant Robert Speer Memorial Chime into shape: Comprised of ten mannerless and hopelessly untuned bronze bells, the instrument -- if you can call it that -- has, let us say, some quirks. Yet Gift will do his damnedest to sculpt holiday tunes on request for a few brisk hours in the belfry both tomorrow night and on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, he notes, not long after the requests come in, the complaints follow. To which he replies: "One does not play bells. One inflicts them."

Gift will play starting at 7:30 p.m. both nights at the City and County Building; to make a request, call 720-870-BELL (2355). And a happy holiday to you.

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Denver City and County Building

1437 Bannock St., Denver, CO

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