Fifteen best Denver ART moments in 2011


12. Ladies Fancywork Society, blue bear ball and chain guerrilla knitbomb, April 18

Everyone loves a rebel, and the LFS is a whole band of 'em -- art rebels, that is -- who knit and purl their way through town in the dark of night, leaving behind fiber flowers on fences, leg warmers on public sculptures and cozy wraps for inert urban objects of all kinds. But this one was just a stroke of genius above and beyond their call of sneaky duty: In the dawn's early light, they outfitted Lawrence Argent's "I See What You Mean" (Denver's famous big blue bear peering into the convention center) with a giant yarn blue ball and chain. It was a big moment for yarnbombing -- and Denver. Where will they strike in 2012?

create.denver 030.1.jpg

11. Frame of Mind and Design Pioneers: 3D Video Projection Showcase, Create Denver Week, May 13

In May, Create Denver Week expressed the city's artsy soul in many ways, but perhaps the most spectacular moment of all came down on a balmy night in downtown Denver, when two amazing outdoor video events took over the urban landscape: one on the Colorado Convention Center's Jumbo Tron screen and the other projected directly on the wall of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. That, of course, was cool in itself, but what really made it a scene were the people themselves -- the bustling crowd, gathered in the street, sharing a hi-tech spectacle. It was sheer perfection, under the moon and stars.

microclimates 036.1.jpg

10. Microclimates, Super Ordinary Gallery, June 4

The cross-disciplinary installation Microclimates, a collaboration between design entrepreneur Samuel Schimek, artist Rob Mack and fashionista Rebecca Peebles, was just plain fun: It was like an arty fun house you wandered through, discovering woodland creatures and flat gems in forests and caves, all in the confines of Tran and Josh Wills's new RiNo garage gallery Super Ordinary. But it also spilled out onto the street at the opening, which included food trucks, a DJ and a sidewalk runway show featuring designs from Peebles. This sort of savvy circus-style opening is becoming the norm at the gallery, which is just wrapping up another happening showcasing Ray Young Chu.

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