Reader: I came, I saw, Ikea -- art is in the eye of the beholder

Jef Otte's pigeon race flew, even if his list laid an egg.
Last week, Susan Froyd offered the "Fifteen best Denver ART moments in 2011" -- a compendium of seriously praiseworthy events over the past year that elicited precisely one comment. Meanwhile, the comments keep coming in for Jef Otte's "Ten best moments in Denver arts: 2011."

Including this one from

It is and has always been "I know what I like". One person's kitsch is another's sacred iconography. There is a posting on Facebook regarding the IKEA sign, asking what the font is and how many points. So the sign itself is art, at least among font geeks.

(I believe George Carlin would consider "consumer culture" an oxymoron.)

What was your biggest art/arts moment this year?

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Ikea, Otte

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