Reader: Lonnie Hanzon remains a bright light on the local arts scene

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While the rest of the metro area is now all aglow for the holidays, the situation is still lights out for a beloved institution: Earlier this year, the Museum of Outdoor Arts pulled the plug on Hudson Holidays, the display at Hudson Gardens that had been orchestrated by Lonnie Hanzon.

Jody is still mourning the loss:

This is a huge loss to Denver and to this part of town in particular. It's mind-boggling that such a special, unique and magical installation would be dropped without a fight, especially as its popularity was growing so very fast. I'm sure there's more to this story, as in all stories like this involving art and commerce -- but in any case, yes, a thousand "I'm not worthy!s" to the true genius of Lonnie Hanzon.

Our online listings include dozens of other holiday entertainments, including light shows, but the metro scene is definitely duller this year without Hanzon's display.

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Well, they still have his amazing Cabinet of Curiosities permanently installed inside the museum in the Englewood Center, as well as an etched glass door he did that is exquisite. 

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