Male eye candy: Photos of Cora Vette's Hot Rods

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T.L. Gallegos
Don't mind Ms. P. Cocque over there on the left ...
Burlesque emcee Cora Vette has been shaking up Denver with her Burlycute darlings for some time now, hosting shows at an array of locations and featuring stripping zombies, a marijuana-centric show and this season's Naughty Noel. But she's got a new idea now: Weekly boylesque nights at the Compound, aptly dubbed "Cora Vette's Hot Rods." The inaugural run launches on Sunday, and as a gift to our readers, Cora was kind enough to share some serious eye candy with us. (Everyone, say "thank you" to Cora.)

T.L. Gallegos

T.L. Gallegos

T.L. Gallegos


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The Compound

145 Broadway, Denver, CO

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