New Year's Eve 2011 Denver: ten best nightlife events

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If ever there was an appropriate time to celebrate, it's New Year's Eve. We know you want to party like a rock star as you kiss 2011 goodbye, so here's our list of the ten best nightlife options for ringing in the new year.

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10. The Tavern Downtown: New Year's Eve Olive Drop & Fireworks Display
We've lauded the Tavern Downtown several times before for its amazing rooftop patio; on New Year's Eve, that patio will be have a front-row view of the spectacular downtown fireworks at midnight (as well as the tavern's own fireworks on the rooftop!). And don't miss the two-foot illuminated olive that will drop into a fifteen-foot-tall martini glass on the rooftop, as well -- which wins over Time Square's glittering ball, if you ask us. The admission fee ($35 in advance, $40 at the door) gets you two DJs all night, party favors and a complimentary champagne toast; if you purchase tickets in advance, you also get VIP entrance to this 21-and-up party. Call 303-299-0100 or visit

9. Jet Hotel: Frost-Bitten Kiss
If you've been inside the Jet Hotel & Lounge, you know that this party will be a swanky way to bid farewell to 2011. And the plans for Frost-Bitten Kiss are upping the ante quite a bit; the party space will be transformed into an arctic paradise, with ice sculptures, shot and martini stations, music by DJ Ty Tek and hotel-room options -- so you don't have to worry about the late-night drive home. Tickets are $30 and up, and this is a 21-and-older event; call 303-572-3300 or visit

8. White Rose Gala and Champagne Hotel
Kevin Larson's White Rose Gala has long been known as one of the best New Year's Eve bashes for seeing and being seen; it's lavish and lovely, and now, the companion Champagne Hotel event combines a touch of decadence for the younger crowd. The White Rose Gala is taking place at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center and features an Asian theme, live music and performances; in the Hotel Denver Tech Center, the Champagne Hotel offers dance music, laser lights and more. General-admission tickets run $49 to $59 -- but for $99, you can have access to both events via limo-bus transportation, plus VIP expedited check-in, lounge areas and bars. And if you're truly loaded, there's a $500 cabana option, too. For information and to purchase tickets, visit

7. Passport: Moscow, Monaco, Cairo
Lotus has been bringing international flavor to its New Year's Eve parties for some time, and this year there are Passport options to transport you to Moscow (Suite Two Hundred), Monaco (Chloe) and Cairo (24K Lounge) -- or all three. Along the way, there will be DJs, stilt walkers, ice sculptures, go-go dancers in custom-designed outfits, local celebrities, champagne toasts at midnight and much more; prices range from $12 all the way up to $100 (but that Franklin will get you VIP access to all three Passports and an open bar). Visit http:// to check out your options and purchase tickets.

6. BMoCA: Black +/-White
Looking for a fun, laidback way to spend New Year's Eve? Try the Black+/-White party at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. There will be sets by DJs Alala.One and Stephen Ganser, dancing, drinks, a lounge, a midnight champagne toast and Tarot readings for those interested in learning what 2012 might bring. Wear black and/or white attire (of course); admission is $20 to $30. Call 303-443-2122 or visit

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El Guapo
El Guapo

Tanukis are the finest band in Colorado.  No contest.


It was a huge thrill going to Denver where my best friendlived. I wanted to do something for New Year’s that I’ve never done before andmy friend told me this was the biggest and best party in Denver. She said thatshe had gone to the Halloween party that The Collective Events had thrown andthe New Year’s party was going to be just as fun!

She sent me the invite on Facebook so I could check it out;it was called the White Rosa Gala. Apparently they had been putting on this NewYear’s party for a while now and had a ton of past pictures and videos – itlooked nuts! After looking at the details I saw there were actually two partiesgoing on. The White Rose Gala featured an astonishing, innovative, andremarkable theatrical performance and décor in an “Asian” themed environmentwith over 3,000 people that were going to be dressed up and dancing to DJ’s& Bands.

Come to find out, we actually were planning on hitting upthe Champagne Hotel – this is part of the entire party, but they were throwingthe party between two hotels that were right next to each other. This one wasthe one at the Marriott that was more of a high energy crowd, described as theultimate party environment with over 4,000 people that showed up. It hadawesome music as well and was almost like a club scene with high tech laserlights, multiple themed party rooms, amazing performances, DJs, bands, anddance music.

We got there a little early the day of the party just sothat we could get checked in, familiarize ourselves with the place, and haveenough time to get ready. It was also really nice to have the hotel room so noone had to worry about a safe ride home or designating a driver. I’m lucky thatmy friend was so prepared as well. She had got us tickets and booked the roomwell in advance. It was so much fun from the second we got there; my bestfriend had a ton of friends that we met there and they had all booked theirhotel rooms next to each other on the same floor. It was pretty impressive tosee everyone setting up to; we had booked an atrium room so we had a view ofthe party in the center of the hotel. The bands were downstairs doing soundchecks and just hearing them got us amped up for the party!

We started to pre-game and get ready for the night around5P.M. and made it downstairs around 7P.M.; our timing couldn’t have beenbetter. We got downstairs just in time after getting ready to pick up our VIPtickets to the party and we didn’t even have to wait in line. These ticketsalso allowed us to have access to both hotel parties (Hyatt and Marriott). Peoplewere pouring into the hotel around this time and it just got our excitement upeven more. We went back up to our room to pre-party for a little bit and thenwe all went downstairs as a group to experience the party.

The party was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Yes, I’vebeen to a club and been out to bars, but there were dancers everywhere, stiltwalkers, the lights were amazing, there were people partying on their balconyfrom their hotel room and people just everywhere. We had the entire hotel toparty in too, there were multiple themed rooms throughout the hotel so we gotto adventure around a bit. We danced all night long, and then went back to theroom and partied a little more. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you we saw thesun come up.

After the little sleep that we got, we woke up and went downstairs for breakfast and talked about what a great time we had, giggled at someof the pictures we took, deleted a few of them, and swore that some weren’tallowed to ever go on Facebook.  It wassuch a great time and I was devastated to go back home. It was one of the bestNew Year’s I had ever had though and would definitely love to go back next yearor to any one of The Collective Event’s parties and I can’t wait to plan anothertrip again soon.  

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