Video: The One Man Star Wars Trilogy comes to a galaxy very, very close to you

one-man star wars trilogy-1.jpg
Courtesy of Charlie Ross
Ross' One Man Star Wars Trilogy is about as serious as this eyebrow is -- which is to say, only of the mock variety.
There are few things in this world more terrifying or awe-inspiring than the experience of witnessing a nerd achieve his life's dream. There are probably more than a few cases in which this involves Star Wars or, if pressed, its nemesis that ends in Trek, but Charlie Ross's has got to be a pretty singular case. For almost a decade, the actor and comedian has relived the entire epic trilogy every week in the best and most literal sense possible: He becomes it.

Granted, he is doing this alone, but while in some nerd-becomes-a-hero scenarios that might be a sore spot, in this case, it's the entire point. Since 2002, Ross has performed what he aptly calls the One Man Star Wars Trilogy, a feat in which he takes on all the required parts of the original, Jar Jar Binks-less trilogy in less than seventy minutes. When he finishes, at the the point when most people would never want to hear the word robot, no matter how polite it is, ever again, he repeats the entire play the next day.

Check out the video below for a preview of what this looks like:

In Denver, Ross will perform two nights in a row this week, due to a popularity so large the Lone Tree Arts Center added a second date to its roster.

But let's get one thing 100 percent clear, just in case. Ross reenacts all of the plot twists, performs all of the voices (Chewy included), and makes all of the necessary sound effects. By himself. Alone. Solo. Han Solo.

At his most recent count, Ross has done this an estimated 1,200 times (May the force be with him!) in the nine years he has toured the world as its shortest and most dedicated recap of why the film series is awesome. He does not, however, perform the second (and shameful) prequel trilogy, though he has been asked to. It was not completed before he launched his current performance.

Ross will take to the stage Thurs., Dec. 29, and Fri., Dec. 30 at 8 p.m. at the Lone Tree Arts Center. Tickets range from $30 to $40. For more information, call 720-509-1000 or visit the center's website.

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watch it on youtube. it is good. ive seen it


there is also 2 guys that do a one man lord of the rings show which is good too on youtube

It's Jenn again...
It's Jenn again...

I'd rather go skiing in an arroyo of goat vomit than see one, or two guys do a stage reinvention of the rings trilogy.

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